Ladies Night Out May 2022

Ladies Night Out is back!

In May, Ladies Night Out will be held on Thursday, May 19th at the home of Connie Snyder at 6pm.

The lilacs should be in full bloom, so it will be a mini-lilac festival! If the weather is warm enough – we’ll have the option to dine outdoors to really enjoy the scent!

Please let Connie know by May 16th if you are interested in coming. Her contact information is available via the email sent out on 4/27.

Basic drinks, utensils, plates, and napkins will be provided, as well as a main dish and one dessert.

If people want to volunteer to bring salad, side dishes, or appetizer small bites – and any specific beverages that you’d like, please let Connie know.

Hopefully it will be warm enough to eat outside. If you have folding chairs, you might want to bring one 🙂