Weekly Announcements


October 25, 2020



OCTOBER: (25) Cathy Lunn.

NOVEMBER: (1) Betty Schoen-Rene; (8) Carol Dederick; (15) Judy Damron; (22) Sheila France; (29) Adele Calcavecchio.

USHERS : We seem to have let slide the practice of having meeters and greeters at the entrance of the church before Sunday Mass.  As I believe that this is an important part of being a welcoming church, I would like to see us revive this practice.  Vince DeStasio has volunteered to organize the effort.  If you would like to be on a rotation to arrive fifteen minutes early to welcome parishioners and any guests and to orient them to the specifics of our Covid safety guidelines, please let Father Frank or Vince know.

SUNDAY SCHOOL:  We will put a hold on our return to Sunday School until it is absolutely safe to do so.  I would however encourage all our parents to bring your children to mass each Sunday.  The church is safe.  The space is large.  Masking and social distancing are maintained.   Susan Mason would like to involve our children in establishing a relationship with the children in our sister parish in Gitega, Burundi.  Her having a bit of time with them and you after mass will help to move this along.

INFORMATION ON DIA DE LOS MUERTOS:  The Day of the Dead is one of the most celebrated holidays in the Latino community.  Most people believe that Dia de los Muertos is the Mexican Halloween but that is incorrect because it has a much larger meaning.  The Day of the Dead starts at midnight on October 31st and ends on November 2nd.  The meaning behind this special time is that the veil between the two worlds (the living and the dead) is thin which allows the spirits of those who have passed on to return to visit their families.   The Day of the Dead was made more of a religious event after the Spanish had come over to the Americas and colonized the people of Mexico.  It was similar to the time of the Aztec and other indigenous people of Central America who celebrated death and the passing of their loved ones.  There are many special traditions that the Latino community has to honor their loved ones such as decorating an altar in the memory of the deceased with a special yellow flower called Semposuchil (known as flower of the dead – flor de muerto), and also with candles, fruits, bread, favorite foods, water, sugar skulls and photographs of the deceased.  Every family makes their altars differently according to who has passed on and what was meaningful to those individuals.  The gravesites at the cemeteries can be highly decorated with colorful flowers, banners, streamers, candles, personal momentos and photographs.  Music can be heard all around the cemetery as family and friends gather to celebrate those who have died.

The Latino Community at Holy Cross/Santa Cruz Church wish to share this wonderful tradition with all its members by constructing and decorating a special altar within the church for all to participate in by asking those who want to bring in a photograph or two of someone they wish to have remembered and place it on the altar by 6 PM on Monday, October 26th.

A TIME TO HELP OTHERS:  Please consider a donation to help purchase Thanksgiving gift cards for those families in need.  An envelope has been inserted into the bulletin for this purpose and should be returned no later than Monday, November 22 so that there will be sufficient time to obtain and distribute the gift cards.

BIBLE STUDY –  Bible study resumed several weeks ago.  It is a zoom meeting that lasts one hour.  It is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon from 4:30 to 5:30. If you would like the zoom link please let Cathy Lunn know so that she can send it to you.

ALTAR FLOWERS – Each Sunday we gather around the altar for the most important meal of the week – our celebration of the Lord’s Supper.  We now, under Linda Fitzpatrick’s leadership, have a fully functioning altar guild that sets the table and makes sure that all that is needed are in place for the service.  Setting a festive table also includes floral arrangements of one form or another.  Jane Birmingham and Connie Snyder have stepped up to this plate.  They could use a few additional volunteers to assist them in assuming the responsibility of seeing to it that that altar is adorned with fresh flowers each week.  There will be a budget for this. Please let Father Fran, Connie or Janek know if you would be up to this task.

PARISH HISTORIAN OR ARCHIVIST – We have a couple of bins of photos and documents that capture some of the history of Holy Cross/Santa Cruz Church.  We are looking for someone who will go thru this treasure trove and organize it for easy reference and possibly create a small display of the best of the lot.  Chuck Krulis and Betty Radell have stepped forward.  If you would have an interest in such a project and would like to help, please let Father Frank or Chuck know.

VESTRY DEVELOPMENT – As Holy Cross/Santa Cruz moves forward toward full functioning independence as a parish with the Diocese of NY, the vestry will be assuming more leadership for its direction and financial sustenance and stability.  We have a number of vestry members who have served faithfully during harder times and leaner years.  We are looking to infuse more of our younger members into its composition and give some of our older members a chance to step back.  Father Frank, Madre Filomena, Judy Damron and Isabel Hernandez will be approaching some of you with a request to consider serving this leadership need.  Training will be provided as needed and the demands on your time and energy will not be overwhelming.

PLEDGE AND PLATE: Thanks you for continuing to meet your pledge commitments.   If you are unable to do so please let Chuck Krulis know so that we can maintain a handle on our operating expenses for 2020 and make any necessary adjustments to our budget.  If you find yourself in a position to be able to increase your pledge or make a one time “Pandemic Donation” please know that it would be most appreciated.

HELPERS FOR HIRE:  If you have a skill or talent that generates income in your life, we would love to know about it. During this time of financial challenges we can certainly support each other by hiring you.

Please supply the Newsletter and weekly church bulletin with your brief contact information by contacting  either Margot or Peter in the office. Include your name, phone number, email address, and a brief description of your services. This information will be carried over from week to week (monthly) and added to as others join our listing. Many churches charge people for this advertising opportunity but our offer is free.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


ANTI-RACISM TRAINING:  New Ulster Clericus Zoom book discussion:  Ibram X. Kendi, How to be an Anti-Racist (Random House, 2019)available on Kindle, as an audiobook read by the author, and hardcover.  Join the “Episcopal New Yorkers read one book” discussion of a challenging and hopeful look at vital contemporary questions.  Wednesday evenings from 7:15-9:00 pm is the time, Remaining dates are Oct. 14, 21, 28.  On Thursday, October 22 Ibram Kendi will address the diocese virtually— more info available soon.  Register for the book discussion with Allison Moore (standrewsrev@gmail.com) or Michelle Meech (michelle.stjohnskingston@gmail.com) as soon as possible; limit of 12 people.

ULSTER IMMIGRANT DEFENSE NETWORK (UIDN): Please visit the UlsterImmigrantDefenseNetwork.org  information about the NetworkThe Ulster Immigrant Defense Fund (UIDF) is part of the Network that can receive contributions through PayPal or by checks being written to Holy Cross Church and including UIDF on the memo of the check. If you are interested in becoming more involved in this good work please speak with Father Frank.

SOAP CLOSET UPDATE :  DONATIONS  are essential for its continued success.  The Soap Closet has resumed operation in.  The new schedule through December of this year is as follows: September 22 & 23; October 27 & 28; November 24 & 25; December 15 &16.  These dates are all on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively.  Tuesday’s hours are from 10 – 12 and Wednesday’s from 12 – 2. Donations are needed.  Please do what you can!  Thanks for your continued support.  Betty Schoen-Rene

COFFEE HOUR:  Refreshments and hospitality will be on hold until further notice.




Birthdays: (7) Betty Schoen-Rene; (11) Sheila France, Connie Snyder; (13) Ernst Schoen-Rene; (21) Stephanie Nystrom; (25) Reggie Earls.

Anniversaries: (7) Ken & Stephanie Nystrom.

Memorials: (2) Irene DeCicco (remembered by Betty Radell & family); (4) Hank Fisher (remembered by Gloria DeFalco Hamilton); (7) Charles De Cicco

(remembered by Betty Radell & family); (14) Bill Damron (remembered by Judy Damron); (25) Rose Tyrrell (remembered by Betty Radell & family).



Birthdays: (13) Thomas Buboltz; (21) Bonnie Greene, Ronan Nystrom; (24) Margot Jepson; (26) Andy Latham (homebound).

Memorials: (1) Jerry DeStasio; (15) Anthony DeStasio; (27) Margaret DeStasio.

Also please remember Judith Jones and Eileen Considine, sisters of Adele Calcavecchio.



Please continue to  keep these people in your prayers: Kathy Albert (friend of Mary Beilman); Firefighters and victims of the horrendous blazes in California; Graceyn Ella Burns (relative of Sheila France); Sheila France; Thelma Lucas; Bonnie Greene; Michael Kovarik (friend of Peter and Chuck); Judy Buboltz; Jamie Canipe (friend of Sheila France); Ben Cross, Maryann Donaldson (sister of Gloria DeFalco Hamilton); Jean Krulis (sister of Chuck Krulis); Maria Gagliardi (friend of Gloria DeFalco Hamilton); Lori Kennedy (friend of Karen McGeeney); John McGeeney; Nathaniel Ordway; Ruben Velasco, Gloria Zoda (aunt of Gloria DeFalco Hamilton); Susan Hayes; Carol Pitts; John Boyd. Please continue to pray for peace and for all military personnel and civilians whose lives are impacted by war.