PENTECOST: Please join us for a bilingual celebration of Pentecost on Sunday, May 28 at 4:30pm.

Culturally Diverse

Our parish members come from diverse cultural backgrounds and a wide variety of religious traditions within the universal church. Our vision is to be a unified congregation that worships in two languages but otherwise strives to be one in all other aspects of our common life. Mass is offered in both English and Spanish.

Welcome to All

We welcome first-time visitors, regardless of denomination. All baptized persons are welcome to share the sacraments of the Lord’s Body and Blood. Our faith community makes every effort to be welcoming and embracing without being overwhelming or invasive.

Parish Outreach

Our parish is committed to serving the needs of those who live on the social and economic margins of society with various efforts directed toward those in need in the wider community.

Donate or Pledge Online!

Note: There are fees associated with Paypal. To help us avoid these fees, please send pledges and donations directly to the parish. Call, stop by, or email if you would like assistance!