Our Mission

Holy Cross + Santa Cruz is a faith community that proclaims the Gospel’s call to bring the light of hope in Jesus Christ to all people through praise and prayer,  fellowship and good works. We strive to promote justice, peace and love in our lives and community.

Our Vision 

Our vision is to be one congregation that worships in two languages but otherwise strives to share every other aspect of our common life from ministry to leadership to fellowship and mission.

Our Goals

  • to bear witness to our faith in and love for Jesus Christ through worship and service
  • to deepen our fellowship and to grow our membership
  • to nourish the spiritual well being of our congregation through the celebration of the Sacraments and the preaching and study of the Word
  • to sustain a thriving Christian Education Program that includes Sunday school, a youth group and adult study opportunities
  • to continue our community outreach programs and to expand these as needed
  • to use our facilities to meet the artistic needs of the community