Weekly Announcements


February 18, 2018

OUR LECTORSFebruary (18th) Judy Damron and Cathy Lunn; (25th) Adele Calcavecchio and Bill Clare.  If you would like to serve as a lector, please speak to or call Judy Damron (334-9646).

BIBLE  STUDY GROUP —  Bible Study will begin again on Tuesday evening , Feb. 13 at Judy Damron’s house  from 6:00 to 7:15.  If interested in joining, please speak with Father Frank or Judy Damron.

Sunday School Parents – If You Would?

 We are so excited about how our Sunday School family has grown!  Being able to learn together is truly a treasure. There are two thoughts the Sunday School staff would like to share.

1) Sunday School used to start at 9:45AM. We would, if possible, like to return to that schedule.  It would provide enough time to have a comprehensive lesson and also insure that the children and teachers and their assistants are able to return to church immediately after the sermon.  It makes little sense to introduce children to the faith and miss the main event – Sunday Eucharist.

2) If your family knows ahead of time that you will be away from church on a given Sunday morning, it would be most helpful if you could let us know as soon as you know your plans.  This would help greatly with lesson preparation, project planning and staffing. You could send a notice via email or give one of the teachers a call.

Tebbie Collins: elcollins82@gmail.com  or 338 – 4097

Patty Parker: enidthecat@gmail.com   or 338 – 0172

Chuck Krulis: ckrulis@gmail.com  or 594 – 1983

If you put all three emails in a “group” you would be sure to catch the teacher for that Sunday.  Knowing how busy all of us are, we want to make things easier in any way we can.  Please let us know your thoughts and suggestions.

Your Sunday School servants,

Tebbie, Patty and Chuck

 March 18th Bilingual Eucharist and Interfaith Pot Luck Supper – In December, the Woodstock Jewish Congregation’s UIDN Task Force approached us for an occasion to share time with us that might also provide an opportunity for their members to make some personal contact with our Latino members.  During this past year, the task force has been extremely active in supporting the mission of UIDN.

In response to their request, we have invited these brothers and sisters to attend our bilingual worship on that day.  I have invited Rabbi Jonathan Kligler to share a teaching with us during the time appointed for the homily.  After the service we will enjoy a potluck supper that will feature food offerings representative of our ethnic roots and diverse cultural back rounds.  During the meal we are hoping to have one or two of our Latino members share their stories.

Connie Snyder, a member of our own UIDN Task force, is coordinating this effort from our end and will be organizing our participation.  Please stay tuned and mark your calendars.

Holocaust Memorial Day —  The Episcopal Church has designated the Sunday after Easter as Holocaust Memorial Sunday.  This year we will mark that most important commemoration in a special way.  I have invited Rabbi Yael Romer from Congregation Emanuel in Kingston to be a guest at our morning liturgy and to offer a teaching during the sermon time.  Again please mark you calendars and make every effort to attend this Eucharist on April 8th.

PIANO OR VIOLIN LESSONS — Available at Holy Cross, all ages and flexible times.  Call Linda Marion, (845) 255-9620 or leave a message at (845) 430-1819.

ULSTER IMMIGRANT DEFENSE NETWORK (UIDN) — Please visit the UlsterImmigrantDefenseNetwork.org for information about the Network .  The Ulster Immigrant Defense Fund (UIDF) is part of the Network that can receive contributions through PayPal or by checks being written to Holy Cross Church and including UIDF on the memo of the check. If you are interested in becoming more involved in this good work please speak with Father Frank.

OUR ALTAR GUILD needs more members!  We schedule two people per week for a month.  The task involves coming to the church, usually on a Saturday morning for about half an hour to 45 minutes, to do some light dusting, change linens depending on the church season, refilling the (liquid) candles, and setting up for Sunday morning for Eucharist.  We have lot of illustrated information to assist and and our current, seasoned members are available for training and help.  After service on Christmas Eve last year we had a great group of adults and kids who arranged the Creche, the altar flowers, the wreath ribbons at the high altar,  etc.  The children were a great help and they are also very welcome to join the Guild.  Altar Guild always has had both female and male members and we need to build our group.  Please let Katie Brandt (331-3259) or know if you are interested.  We can use your help!

 SOAP CLOSET — The Soap Closet gives out bags of soap products the last week of each month (Tuesday 10-12, Wednesday 12-2).  Our stocks are getting low and we are looking for donations.  We particularly need laundry and dish detergent, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes (singles), soap and any samples you may have from motel visits.  We also accept money which we use to purchase things when they are on sale!  Thank you for all your contributions!     Thanks,  Betty Schoen-Rene

COFFEE HOUR — Due to the popularity of Coffee Hour and our growing parish, two families will now be assigned to provide the refreshments each week.  Please, both parties talk with each other so that both healthy and maybe not-so-healthy options are covered.  And please bring your contributions between 9:30 and 9:45 and if possible, be prepared to help with clean up when coffee hour is finished.  Many thanks!

If you cannot make your scheduled week, please feel free to switch with someone else. To be added to or deleted from the schedule, please notify Judy Damron.  Scheduled in February  (18th) Chuck Krulis and Anastasia Wasko; (25th) Adele Calcavecchio and Bill Clare.

People’s Place is looking FOR VOLUNTEERS ON sATURDAYS — tRAINING fEBRUARY 24TH   — Beginning March 3, 2018, People’s Place will be open Saturdays from 1:30 to 4 p.m.  People’s place located in Kingston and serving all of Ulster County, is a not-for-profit food pantry and thrift store offering 18 programs to our most needy community members.  A new volunteer training will be offered Saturday, February 24th, 2018 from 1 to 2:30 at People’s Place, located at 17 St. James Street, Kingston.  If you are interested in volunteering, please visit our website, www.peoplesplaceuc.org to fill out a volunteer form or stop into People’s to pick up an application and schedule a tour and interview in person.  For further information call 338-4030, M-F from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

 A  PLAY ABOUT SLAVERY IN NEW YORK – A New York Lamentation will be presented by The Episcopal Diocese of New York, through its Reparations Committee, as it observes a Year of Lamentation for its culpability in the enslavement of God’s children.  It  will be on March 4 at 3:00 PM at the Christ Episcopal Church in Poughkeepsie.


 BIRTHDAYS — In February (3rd) Robin Frankowski (Sheila France), Ruth Lanham (John Boyd), (25th) Susan Mason; (28th) Adele Calcavecchio.

MEMORIALS — In February  (1st) Daniel Meek (candle by Karen McGeeney); (2nd) Nancy Bradley (Shamien Jensen), (11th) Katherine B. Hamilton (Gloria D. Hamilton), (14th) George Moylan (Gloria D. Hamilton), (16th) Anthony DeCicco (candle by Betty Radell), (17th) Christopher Meek (candle by Karen McGeeney), Robert Hamilton (Gloria D. Hamilton), (27th) Reupen Guillan (Bea Moore).


 Please continue to  keep these people in your prayers:  Brenton Bradley (brother of Shamien Jensen) and the members of his Osprey Squadron who are stationed in Okinawa; Michael Brandt; Richard Brandt (brother of Michael Brandt);  Judy Buboltz; Jamie Canipe (friend of Sheila France); Ben Cross, Maryann Donaldson (sister of Gloria DeFalco Hamilton); Sheila France; Maria Gagliardi (friend of Gloria DeFalco Hamilton); Gloria DeFalco Hamilton; Lori Kennedy (friend of Karen McGeeney); June Lamark; John McGeeney; Ali Miller (friend of Michael and Katie Brandt);  Nathaniel Ordway; Sandra Owen (friend of Tebbie Collins); B. J. Radell (daughter of Betty Radell); Paula Slater (niece of Betty Radell); Ruben Velasco, Gloria Zoda (aunt of Gloria DeFalco Hamilton),  Please continue to pray for peace and for all military personnel and civilians whose lives are impacted by war.


Presiding Bishop — The Most Rev. Michael B. Curry
Bishop of New York — The Rt. Rev. Andrew M. L. Dietsche
Bishop Suffragan — The Rt. Rev. Allen K. Shin
Assisting Bishop – The Rt. Rev. Mary Glasspool

Priest in Charge, Holy Cross — Fr. Frank Alagna (845-332-8610)
Priest in Charge, Santa Cruz — Mo. Filomena Servellon (845-802-0166)
Seminarian in Residence — Steve Schunk (914-474-4330)
Volunteer Office Staff — John Boyd, Judy Damron, Chuck Krulis, Tebbie Collins

Wardens – Judy Damron (334-9646), Chuck Snyder (384-6174)
Vestry Members:
Sheila France (389-8560)
Anselmo Guerra (616-6592)
Isabel Hernandez (399-4428)
Chuck Krulis (339-3750)
Yvelisse Perez (347-666-6534)
Invited Member: Paula Perez-Francisco (430-8922)
Clerk of the Vestry: Sheila France
Officers: Finance: Tebbie Collins (338-4097)
Treasurer: Lisa Milhaven

Church Ministries
Lay Eucharistic Ministers — Joe Buboltz, Esther Lemus,
Karen McGeeney, Rigo Vivas
Altar Guild — Katie Brandt (331-3259)
Building Use — Elaine Mertine and June Lamark (255-6619)
Ministers of Music — Arturo and Lia Nieto (594-8675)
Garden Club — Tebbie Collins (338-4097) & Connie Snyder (384-6174)
Parish House Thrift Shop — Sheila France (339-8560)
Soap Closet — Betty Schoen-Rene (340-1010)
Sunday School — Tebbie Collins (338-4097) & Esther Lemus (336-4679)
Bulletin — Karen McGeeney (331-1304)
Website — Connie Snyder (384-6174)

  • Service Times

      9:45 am - Church School (school year)
      10:00 am - Sung Holy Eucharist
      11:15 am - Coffee Hour
      12:00 pm - Adult Education Forum

      4:30 pm - Misa Cantada en Español
      4:30 pm - Church School

      Feast of the Holy Cross+SantaCruz
      (Sunday closest to September 14)

      10:00 am - Bilingual Festival Eucharist

      Vestry Meetings
      6:00 pm - Ordinarily the third Wednesday of each month from September through June