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Parish Notes – May 14, 2017

– On Saturday, May 27th, at 1PM, our parish will gather with Carol, and her sons Andrew and Mark, to celebrate a Liturgy of the Resurrection for Bob. We will remember Bob, celebrate his life, grieve our loss and entrust him into the arms of the Good Shepherd. Bob was a long time and committed member of this parish. Please make every effort to be present and participate as we bid him a fond farewell.

— Is Wednesday, May 17, 6:00 PM in Madre Filomena’s office.

– On last Wednesday, the following was submitted to the press for publication.

Ulster County Sanctuaries Stand as One
We Are All Immigrants

Statement of Conscience – Statement of Faith
Endorsing our Shared Tradition of Audacious Hospitality

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.
-– Pastor Niemoller

We will not be silent. Ulster County Houses of Worship Stand as One. We are all immigrants.

As people of faith we affirm our commitment to Audacious Hospitality, to treating the strangers in our midst with justice and compassion, with the very dignity, respect and love with which we hope to be treated. Scripture teaches:

When a stranger sojourns with you in your land, you shall do him no wrong. The stranger who sojourns with you shall be to you as the native among you, and you shall love him as yourself for you were strangers in the land of Egypt. – Leviticus 19:33
We once again lay claim to our shared ancient heritage of protecting the vulnerable – those who are being threatened with deportation for any reason other than as a consequence of being found guilty, in a court of law, of having committed a serious crime. We do not acknowledge the crossing of borders without authorization for reasons of survival to be a felony. And those who have endured such a perilous passage remain entitled to our care and compassion.

We affirm the enduring moral legitimacy of Sanctuary even though it may no longer have legal standing. We expect federal immigration agents and their surrogates to honor those established protocols that designate houses of worship as sensitive locations in which immigrants are not apprehended. If sanctuary is going to be violated, then we expect that this will never happen without a warrant signed by a federal judge.

We affirm the need to protect the lives and wellbeing of undocumented immigrants fearing deportation. We pledge to resist, as far as the law allows and, where necessary through acts of civil disobedience, all efforts to target and deport millions of undocumented immigrants and discriminate against marginalized communities. Undocumented immigrants are our neighbors; they are our friends. We are co-workers; our children study together. We affirm our responsibility to protect all members of our community, especially those targeted by hate.

We affirm the sanctity of family. Parents ought not be traumatically separated from their children. Husbands or wives ought not be forcibly separated from their spouses. Our doors will remain open for every person to find shelter, protection, and sanctuary in God’s house. Every person in our community deserves the right to live without fear.

As a community we stand as ONE, committed to various meaningful actions to assist undocumented immigrants facing deportation. Among these actions there will be some Houses of Worship in our community that will be providing temporary physical shelter. All of us will rally to provide necessary ancillary supports as we are able.

Rabbi Yael Romer, Congregation Emanuel of the Hudson Valley, Kingston
The Rev. Frank Alagna, Holy Cross/Santa Cruz Episcopal Church, Kingston
The Rev. Filomena Servellon, Holy Cross/Santa Cruz Episcopal Church, Kingston
Imam Khalid Seyed and the Muslim Association of Ulster County
The Rev. Canon Jeff Golliher, St. John’s Episcopal Church, Ellenville
The Rev. Alison Quin, Christ the King Episcopal Church, Stone Ridge
The Rev. Paul Smith, Overlook United Methodist Church, Woodstock
Shady United Methodist Church, Shady
The Rev. Jordan Scruggs, St. James United Methodist Church, Kingston (in her own name)
The Rev. Erica Baron, Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Catskills
The Rev. William Hill, Reformed Minister, Saugerties
The Rev. Justin Johnson, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Kingston (in his own name)
The Rev. Deacon Susan Bonsteel, St. John’s Episcopal Church, Kingston
The Rev. Richard Witt, Rural and Migrant Ministries

Covenanting Denominations:
• Albany Presbytery
• Capitol Area Baptist Association
• Episcopal Diocese of New York
• Episcopal Diocese of Rochester
• Mid-Hudson Baptist Association
• New York Annual Conference, United Methodist Church
• New York Conference, United Church in Christ
• New York Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
• Presbytery of the Hudson River
• Regional Synod of New York, Reformed Church in America
• Roman Catholic Diocese, Albany
• Roman Catholic Diocese, Rochester

The Rev. James Rowe, Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church, Kingston
The Rev. Darlene Kelley, Clinton Avenue United Methodist Church, Kingston
The Rev. Jeremy Mills, Clinton Avenue United Methodist Church, Kingston
The Rev. Renee House, Old Dutch Reformed Church, Kingston
The Rev. Paul C. Walley, Member, Redeemer Lutheran Church, New Paltz
Supply Pastor for Hudson Valley ELCA churches
The Rev. Sonja Tillberg Maclary, Christ Lutheran Church, Woodstock
Rabbi Zoe B. Zak, Kingston
The Rev. James Childs., Pointe of Praise Church, Kingston
The Rev. Kendra Van Houten, Fair Street Reformed Church, Kingston
The Rev. Elke Heckler, Redeemer Lutheran Church, Kingston
The Rev. James B. Childs, Pointe of Praise Church, Kingston
The Rev. Bruce Torrey, Food for the Poor
The Rev. Doris Edwards, Riverview Missionary Baptist Church, Kingston
The Rev. Deacon Teri Jones, Ascension Church, Ulster Park
The Rev. Matthew Wright, St. Gregory’s Episcopal Church, Woodstock
The Rev. Michelle Meech, St. John’s Episcopal Church, Kingston
The Rev. Kevin Slusher, Reformed Church, Port Ewen
The Rev. Michael Philips, Trinity Episcopal Church, Saugerties
The Rev. Mark Mast, New Paltz Reformed Church
The Rev. Dr. G. Modele Clarke, New Progressive Baptist Church, Kingston
The Rev. Evelyn Clarke, New Progressive Baptist Church, Kingston
The Rev. Paul Worthington, New Progressive Baptist Church, Kingston
Rabbi Brent Spodek, Beacon Hebrew Alliance

THE CHALLENGE OF BEING A DAD – Being a dad is a wonderful and awesome vocation and the many cultural and social changes that will always present themselves on the horizon continually pose new challenges that may require new strategies and approaches. David Hattenbrun is interested in getting together with a group of his peers to share parenting experiences, insights and wisdom. Those interested will decide how frequently they would like to meet. Father Frank brought this to the attention of the clergy members of the Kingston Interfaith Council on Thursday to see if we can bring such a support group into being. Please speak with either David or Father Frank if this sparks your curiosity or if you have any ideas as to how we might best get this off the ground.

PARISH ADMINISTRATOR – The vestry has moved to hire Peter Franceschetti as our new part time parish administrator. Peter will work for three hours on each of four mornings a week. Once his schedule is set, it will be published. Peter will be trained to manage all the office operations and all the nuts and bolts of our common life. While those who have volunteered since Helen Geider’s departure have been most generous in their efforts, a team approach really does not work in terms of continuity and consistency. Too many things fall thru too many cracks. Welcome Peter.

MATCHING GRANT—At this point we are well on our way toward meeting our matching grant. The grant is $6000. So far we have matched $1827, nearly a third of that amount. Our target date for completing the challenge is June 15th. If you have not done so already please step up to the plate as soon as you are able.

SANCTUARY BEDROOM – In addition to installing a shower, we would like to create a bedroom space in the undercroft of the parish hall. There is a room with a window, that was formerly used for storage, that has been emptied, and that can easily be turned into a comfortable sleeping alcove. We can use a volunteer or two to paint it.
If you are able and willing please let Father Frank know.

–- For children, the Elementary Sunday School class uses the curriculum “Godly Play.” Our Intermediate class uses the Episcopal Children’s Curriculum, developed by Virginia Theological Seminary.

For adults, the next meeting of the Wednesday evening Bible study at Judy Damron’s house will be on Thursday, May 18 at 5:00 to 6:15 PM. This will be a series of 6 committed, consecutive Thursdays, same time, from May 18 through June 22. If you are interested in joining in please speak with Fr Frank. The relaxed atmosphere of the small group is a very enjoyable learning /sharing experience and all are welcome!

ULSTERIMMIGRANTDEFENSENETWORK.ORG – Please go on line and visit the new website that our Sanctuary Administrative Team has just launched. We have also established an Ulster Immigrant Defense Fund that can receive contributions through PayPal. You will also see this when you visit the site. If you are interested in joining the team please let Father Frank or Carolyn Dickey know.

ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE (ESL) CLASSES – Our program is being taught by an instructor from BOCES on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:00 to 8:30 p.m. through the school year. If you can help in any way, please contact Mother Filomena.

OUR LECTORS — May (7th) Sheila France and Jane Birmingham; (14th) Ernst & Betty Schoen-Rene; (21st) Judy Damron and Karen McGeeney; (28th) Sheila France and John Meehan. If you would like to serve as a lector, please speak to or call Judy Damron (334-9646).

COFFEE HOUR — Each week we enjoy light refreshments and fellowship after the service. When it’s your week, just bring a coffee cake or some other pastry-like item as well as something that is not sugary, such as some sort of fruit or cheese and crackers, etc. as an option for those of us who must or wish to stay away from sugar. Many thanks! If you cannot make your scheduled week, please feel free to switch with someone else. To be added to or deleted from the schedule, please notify Judy Damron. Schedule in May (7) Carol Brown (14) Patty Parker (21) Elaine Mertine (28) Herb Wilcox; June (4) Susan Mason (11) George Allen (18) Mike Brandt (25) Connie Snyder.

LADIES NIGHT OUT — The upcoming May dinner will be hosted on Saturday, May 20th at Connie Snyder’s house, 583 Swarte Kill Road in Esopus. Please telephone Connie Snyder at 845-853-6068 or email her at conrose@crsrdesigns.com to reserve for the evening and for directions if needed. Upcoming events will be: June – hosted by Jane Birmingham and July hosted by June LaMark at Kodomo Japanese Restaurant – around the hibachi table!

— Thank you to everyone for your continuing donations, large and small, cash and kind. It is a huge help and is so appreciated. Betty Schoen-Rene.

BIRTHDAYS — In May: (1st) John Meehan; (8th) Bradley Boyd; (17th) Barbara Lee; (26th) Tebbie Collins. July: (11th) Joe Longendyke; (15th) Thelma Lucas; (16th) Paul Hamilton.

— In May: (5th) Karen and John McGeeney. June: (20th) Ernst and Betty Schoen-Rene. July: (11th) Michael and Katie Brandt.

— In May: (14th) Wellington Silva (DeFalco- Hamilton); (21st) Shawn Frankowski (Sheila France); (29th) Anthony DeCicco (candle by Betty Radell and family). In June: (2nd) Joseph Radell (candle by Betty Radell and family); (22nd) Pamela Reed (candle by Judy Damron); (26th) Rudy Michlewski (candle by Faith Auriemmo). In July: (1st) Michael Tyrrell (Candle by Betty Radell and family); (4th) Julia Radell (candle by Betty Radell and family); (8th) Michael Boyd (candle by John Boyd).

Please continue to keep these people in your prayers: Michael Brandt, Richard Brandt (brother of Michael Brandt), Katie Brandt, Jamie Canipe (friend of Sheila France), Betty Baker Coombs (residing at the Infirmary), Gloria DeFalco Hamilton, Paul Hamilton, Maryann Donaldson (sister of Gloria DeFalco Hamilton), Maria Gagliardi (friend of Gloria DeFalco Hamilton), June Lamark, Richie McDonough (friend of Judy Damron), John McGeeney, Sandra Owen (friend of Tebbie Collins), B. J. Radell (daughter of Betty Radell), David Reed (son of Judy Damron), Paula Slater (niece of Betty Radell), Gloria Zoda (aunt of Gloria DeFalco Hamilton). Please continue to pray for peace and for all military personnel and civilians whose lives are impacted by war.

‘The Hand That Feeds”
Next Movies With Spirit screening May 20

NEW PALTZ — The rousing documentary “The Hand That Feeds” — about immigrant workers, in New York without legal permission, who risk deportation and their jobs as they fight for fair wages and safe working conditions — is this month’s Movies With Spirit screening at 7 p.m. May 20 at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, 163 Main St. in New Paltz.

“A moving story about hope rising among the neglected and mistreated, about people banding together for a common good, and about the value of strength and perseverance,” says film critic Tom Long in The Detroit News.

“Could not be better — a masterpiece,” says New York Film Critics Circle member Louis Project in CounterPunch Magazine.

“Filmed with the urgency and suspense of a Hitchcock thriller,” says Diana Clarke in The Village Voice.

The award-winning film focuses on a popular deli on New York’s Upper East Side, where customers get bagels and coffee 24 hours a day. But behind the scenes, the immigrant workers face sublegal wages, dangerous machinery and abusive managers.

Mild-mannered sandwich maker Mahoma López has never been an activist, but in January 2012 he convinces a small group of coworkers to fight back.

The workers team up with a diverse crew of innovative young organizers and take the unusual step of forming an independent union, launching themselves on a journey that will test the limits of their resolve.

The 2014 documentary, which won eight critic and film-festival awards, runs 88 minutes and is not rated.

The film’s trailer can be found on YouTube at tinyurl.com/Hand-That-Feeds.

The New Paltz screening will be followed by a facilitated discussion. Refreshments will be served.

Attendees over age 12 are asked to contribute $5 a person.

The monthly Movies With Spirit series, organized by Gerry Harrington of Kingston, seeks to stimulate people’s sense of joy and wonder, inspire love and compassion, evoke a deepened understanding of people’s integral connection with others and with life itself, and support individual cultures, faith paths and beliefs while simultaneously transcending them.

The films are screened in diverse houses of worship and reverence across Ulster and Dutchess counties at 7 p.m. on the third Saturday every month. The series has no religious affiliation.

For more information about “The Hand That Feeds” and the rest of the series, contact Harrington at 845-389-9201 or at gerryharrington@mindspring.com. Details are also available at movieswithspirit.com and facebook.com/MoviesWithSpirit.


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