Weekly Announcements


Fourth Sunday of Easter

April 22, 2018

OUR LECTORS FOR APRIL: (8th) Adele Calcavecchio and Bill Clare; (15th) Sheila France and Judy Damron; (22) Jane Birmingham and Cathy Lunn (29th) Betty and Ernst Schoen-Rene. May (6) Sheila France and John Meehan; (13) Judy Damron and Carol Dederick; (20) Tebbie Collins and Connie Snyder; (27) Carol Brown and Karen McGeeney.  If you would like to serve as a lector, contact Judy Damron.

NICKEL SOCIAL – Come ONE, Come ALL to this grand opportunity to find new and gently used treasures for mere nickels AND to feast on Joe’s famous hot dogs and brownies!  There will be a 50/50 cash drawing and a raffle for a 40” flat screen Sony HDTV. Tickets are $1.00 each.  This event will be on Saturday, April 28th – doors open at 4pm with calling at 5:30. 

SHARE A SONG OR TWO – Carolyn Dickey is working with Father Frank and Cantor Bob to expand the collection of HYMNS.  Please consider your favorites and email titles to Carolyn at bleuraspberry@hotmail.com or write them on a piece of paper and put it in the collection plate. Thanks for your help with this.

FUND RAISING CONCERT – The Clinton Avenue Methodist Church Gospel Choir will perform at the Saint James United Methodist Church on May 6th beginning at 4:00 pm to benefit the Caring Hands Soup Kitchen and Pantry.

Please mark your calendars for this worthwhile event.

BIBLE  STUDY GROUP – The next dates for study are April 25th, May 2nd, 16th, & 30th at the home of Judy Damron from 6-7:15 PM.  If interested in joining, please speak with Father Frank or Judy Damron.

PIANO OR VIOLIN LESSONS — Available at Holy Cross, all ages and flexible times.  Call Linda Marion, (845) 255-9620 or leave a message at (845) 430-1819.

ULSTER IMMIGRANT DEFENSE NETWORK (UIDN) — Please visit the UlsterImmigrantDefenseNetwork.org for information about the Network .  The Ulster Immigrant Defense Fund (UIDF) is part of the Network that can receive contributions through PayPal or by checks being written to Holy Cross Church and including UIDF on the memo of the check. If you are interested in becoming more involved in this good work please speak with Father Frank.

SOAP CLOSET — The Soap Closet gives out bags of soap products the last week of each month (Tuesday 10-12, Wednesday 12-2).  Our stocks are getting low and we are looking for donations.  We particularly need laundry and dish detergent, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes (singles), soap and any samples you may have from motel visits.  We also accept money which we use to purchase things when they are on sale!  Thank you for all your contributions!     Thanks,  Betty Schoen-Rene

COFFEE HOUR — Due to the popularity of Coffee Hour and our growing parish, two families will now be assigned to provide the refreshments each week.  Please, both parties talk with each other so that both healthy and maybe not-so-healthy options are covered.  And please bring your contributions between 9:30 and 9:45 and if possible, be prepared to help with clean up when coffee hour is finished.  Many thanks!

If you cannot make your scheduled week, please feel free to switch with someone else. To be added to or deleted from the schedule, please notify Judy Damron.

Scheduled in April:  (1st) Judy Damron and Jane Birmingham; (8th) Fr. Frank and Chuck Snyder; (15th) Sarah Slicter and John Ye; (22nd) Peter Orr and David Hattenbrun; (29th) Patty Parker and George Allen.

May: (6th) Jane Birmingham and Stephanie Nystrom; (13th) Carol Dederick and Gloria Hamilton; (20th) Vinnie DeStasio and Susan Hayes; (27th) Ken Nystrom and Betty Schoen-Rene.


BIRTHDAYS –  In April: (01) Bill Clare; (04) Brigit Brandt; (12) Chuck Snyder & Sarah Slichter; (16) Ken Nystrom; (19) Betty Radell; (22) Joe Buboltz; (25) Andrew Higgins;  (27) Vincent DeStasio; (28) Ethan Jansen. In May:  (01) John Meehan; (17) Barbara Lee; (26) Tebbie Collins.

MEMORIALS – In April:  (14th) Eugene Radell (candle by Betty Radell and Family); (29th) Allen Hamilton (DeFalco-Hamilton).

ANNIVERSARIES – May: (05) John and Karen Meek McGeeney.


 Please continue to  keep these people in your prayers:  Michael Brandt; Richard Brandt (brother of Michael Brandt);  Judy Buboltz; Jamie Canipe (friend of Sheila France); Ben Cross, Maryann Donaldson (sister of Gloria DeFalco Hamilton); Sheila France; Maria Gagliardi (friend of Gloria DeFalco Hamilton); Gloria DeFalco Hamilton; Lori Kennedy (friend of Karen McGeeney); June Lamark; John McGeeney; Ali Miller (friend of Michael and Katie Brandt);  Nathaniel Ordway; Sandra Owen (friend of Tebbie Collins); Paula Slater (niece of Betty Radell); Ruben Velasco, Gloria Zoda (aunt of Gloria DeFalco Hamilton); Jackie Jensen (friend of Adele Calcavecchio); Bea Moore; Susan Hayes; Julie Cook.  Please continue to pray for peace and for all military personnel and civilians whose lives are impacted by war.


Presiding Bishop — The Most Rev. Michael B. Curry

Bishop of New York — The Rt. Rev. Andrew M. L. Dietsche

Bishop Suffragan — The Rt. Rev. Allen K. Shin

Assisting Bishop – The Rt. Rev. Mary Glasspool


Priest in Charge, Holy Cross — Fr. Frank Alagna (845-332-8610)

Priest in Charge, Santa Cruz  — Mo. Filomena Servellon  (845-802-0166)

Parish Administrator — Peter Franceschetti  (845-594-1984)

Volunteer Office Staff — George Allen, Judy Damron, Chuck Krulis, Tebbie Collins

 Advisory Board Members:

Sr. Warden – Judy Damron (334-9646)

Jr. Warden – Cathy Lunn (750-3864)

Clerk of Advisory Board – Sheila France (389-8560)

Anselmo Guerra (616-6592)

Lia Nieto (339-221-2814)

Chuck Krulis (339-3750

Yvelisse Garcia (347-666-6534)

Bill Clare (331-2369)

Susan Mason(891-4952)

Jane Birmingham(802-0378)

Officers: Finance – Tebbie Collins (338-4097)

Treasurer –  Lisa Milhaven

Church Ministries

Lay Eucharistic Ministers — Joe Buboltz, Maribel Tejada, Karen McGeeney

Altar Guild — Katie Brandt  (331-3259)

Building Use — Peter Franceschetti  (845-594-1984)

Minister of Music — Holy Cross — Robert  Cohen (845-338-6180)

Ministers of Music — Santa Cruz — Arturo and Lia Nieto  (594-8675)

Garden Club — Tebbie Collins (338-4097) & Connie Snyder  (384-6174)

Parish House Thrift Shop — Sheila France  (339-8560)

Soap Closet —  Betty Schoen-Rene  (340-1010)

Sunday School — Tebbie Collins (338-4097)

Bulletin — Karen McGeeney  (331-1304)

Website — Connie Snyder  (384-6174)


  • Service Times

      9:45 am - Church School (school year)
      10:00 am - Sung Holy Eucharist
      11:15 am - Coffee Hour
      12:00 pm - Adult Education Forum

      6:00 pm - Misa Cantada en Español
      6:00 pm - Church School

      Feast of the Holy Cross+SantaCruz
      (Sunday closest to September 14)

      10:00 am - Bilingual Festival Eucharist

      Vestry Meetings
      6:00 pm - Ordinarily the third Wednesday of each month from September through June