Weekly Announcements


July 23, 2017


OUR LECTORS — July (23rd) Adele Calcavecchio, Bill Clare; (30th) Carol Dederick, Karen McGeeney.  In August:  (6th) Children’s Mass; (13th)  Sheila France, John Meehan; (20th)  Matt and Jake Kolessar; (27th) Ernst and Betty Schoen-Rene.   If you would like to serve as a lector, please speak to or call Judy Damron (334-9646).


CHILDREN’S LITURGIES – The next Children’s Liturgy Sundays will be on August 6 and September 10.  Last Sunday’s service was wonderful, with nine children participating in all parts of our worship  including reading the lessons, leading us in hymns, and a beautiful  piano solo by Chace Snyder.    We are looking forward to August 6th!


PEOPLE’S PLACE FOOD PANTRY —  People’s Place, a food pantry serving all of Ulster County, is hosting a FREE Farm Stand every Tuesday from now until the end of October at their location on 17 St. James Street in Kingston.  This Farm Stand distributes fresh fruits and vegetables between the hours of 9 am  12 pm. Please bring along a bag to collect the food.  For more information, please call People’s Place at 338-4030.


People’s Place is also seeking volunteers especially on Saturdays for a few hours to distribute or deliver food.  If you have a few hours to help, please phone Christine Hein  (Director) at 845-338-4030 or one of our Holy Cross/Santa Cruz Food Deacons:  Susan Hayes at 845-336-0254 or Peter Franceschetti at 845-594-1984.


ULSTERIMMIGRANTDEFENSENETWORK.ORG – Please go on line and visit the new website that our Sanctuary Administrative Team has just launched.  We have also established an Ulster Immigrant Defense Fund that can receive contributions through PayPal.  You will also see this when you visit the site.  If you are interested in joining the team please let Father Frank or Carolyn Dickey know.


SANCTUARY BEDROOM –-  Stephanie and Ken Nystrom have been making great strides in the completion of a sanctuary bedroom.   We thank them for this service of compassion and love for those who are being rendered so vulnerable.


ADULT BIBLE STUDY — The next Bible Study series will begin in September.   If you are interested in more information about the weekly study please speak to Fr. Frank or Judy Damron.


COFFEE HOUR — Each week we enjoy light refreshments and fellowship after the service. When it’s your week, just bring a coffee cake or some other pastry-like item as well as something that is not sugary, such as some sort of fruit or cheese and  crackers, etc.  as an option for those of us who must or wish to stay away from sugar. Many thanks!  If you cannot make your scheduled week, please feel free to switch with someone else. To be added to or deleted from the schedule, please notify Judy Damron.  Schedule  July   (23) Vinny DeStasio; (30) Jane Birmingham.  August (6)  Sheila France; (13) Bill Clare;  (20) George Allen;  (27)  Katie Brandt.



SOAP CLOSET –- Although the Soap Closet is closed for the summer we need and thank everyone for your continuing donations, large and small, cash and kind, household and personal care items, which will be stored until fall.  All contributions are a huge help and so appreciated.


ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE (ESL) CLASSES – Our program is being taught by an instructor from BOCES on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:00 to 8:30 p.m. through the summer.  If you can help in any way, please contact Mother Filomena.




BIRTHDAYS — In July:  (11th)  Joe Longendyke; (15th) Thelma Lucas; (16th) Paul Hamilton.   August:  (13th) Joe Buboltz, Jr., (25th) Chuck Krulis; (26th) Katie Brandt;  September:  (1st)  Carol Dederick; (3rd) Elaine Mertine; (5th) Chace Snyder; (8th) Frank Alagna; (25th) Patty Parker Longendyke; (26th) Melia Jansen.


ANNIVERSARIES — In July:  (11th)  Michael and Katie Brandt.  August:  (6th)  Joe and Judy Buboltz; (27th)  Chuck and Connie Snyder.  September:  (11th) Jack Week and Tebbie Collins.


MEMORIALS –– In August:  (25th) Olga Michlewski (Faith Auriemmo).  September:   (9th) Francis Radell (candle by Betty Radell and family); (11th) Sara Moxon (candle by Betty Radell and family); Joseph Radell (candle by Betty Radell and family); (17th) Aletha Meek (candle by Karen McGeeney); (26th) John DeStasio; (27th) Lillian Wilcox; (27th) Fr. Stanley Dean.



Please continue to  keep these people in your prayers:  Michael Brandt, Richard Brandt (brother of Michael Brandt), Katie Brandt, Jamie Canipe (friend of Sheila France), Betty Baker Coombs (residing at the Infirmary), Maryann Donaldson (sister of Gloria DeFalco Hamilton), Sheila France, Maria Gagliardi (friend of Gloria DeFalco Hamilton), Gloria DeFalco Hamilton, Paul Hamilton, June Lamark, Richie McDonough (friend of Judy Damron), John McGeeney, Sandra Owen (friend of Tebbie Collins), B. J. Radell (daughter of Betty Radell), David Reed (Judy Damron), Paula Slater (niece of Betty Radell), Gloria Zoda (aunt of Gloria DeFalco Hamilton).  Please continue to pray for peace and for all military personnel and civilians whose lives are impacted by war.



Presiding Bishop — The Most Rev. Michael B. Curry
Bishop of New York — The Rt. Rev. Andrew M. L. Dietsche
Bishop Suffragan — The Rt. Rev. Allen K. Shin
Assisting Bishop – The Rt. Rev. Mary Glasspool

Priest in Charge, Holy Cross — Fr. Frank Alagna (845-332-8610)
Priest in Charge, Santa Cruz — Mo. Filomena Servellon (845-802-0166)
Seminarian in Residence — Steve Schunk (914-474-4330)
Volunteer Office Staff — John Boyd, Judy Damron, Chuck Krulis, Tebbie Collins

Wardens – Judy Damron (334-9646), Chuck Snyder (384-6174)
Vestry Members:
Sheila France (389-8560)
Anselmo Guerra (616-6592)
Isabel Hernandez (399-4428)
Chuck Krulis (339-3750)
Yvelisse Perez (347-666-6534)
Invited Member: Paula Perez-Francisco (430-8922)
Clerk of the Vestry: Sheila France
Officers: Finance: Tebbie Collins (338-4097)
Treasurer: Lisa Milhaven

Church Ministries
Lay Eucharistic Ministers — Joe Buboltz, Esther Lemus,
Karen McGeeney, Rigo Vivas
Altar Guild — Katie Brandt (331-3259)
Building Use — Elaine Mertine and June Lamark (255-6619)
Ministers of Music — Arturo and Lia Nieto (594-8675)
Garden Club — Tebbie Collins (338-4097) & Connie Snyder (384-6174)
Parish House Thrift Shop — Sheila France (339-8560)
Soap Closet — Betty Schoen-Rene (340-1010)
Sunday School — Tebbie Collins (338-4097) & Esther Lemus (336-4679)
Bulletin — Karen McGeeney (331-1304)
Website — Connie Snyder (384-6174)

  • Service Times

      9:45 am - Church School (school year)
      10:00 am - Sung Holy Eucharist
      11:15 am - Coffee Hour
      12:00 pm - Adult Education Forum

      4:30 pm - Misa Cantada en Español
      4:30 pm - Church School

      Feast of the Holy Cross+SantaCruz
      (Sunday closest to September 14)

      10:00 am - Bilingual Festival Eucharist

      Bible Study
      7:00 pm - Every other Wednesday evening beginning 9/10

        Vestry Meetings
        6:00 pm - Ordinarily the third Wednesday of each month from September through June