We believe and seek to live our faith that all who have been baptized, share in the priesthood of Jesus Christ. All have a vocation to ministry according to their personal resources, talents and gifts. Those who are ordained have been entrusted with the additional responsibility of facilitating the ministry of all the baptized. Therefore our ministry staff is as large as our membership.

Our membership is served by two priests. Father Frank is primary vicar for our English speaking congregants and Mother Filomena is primary vicar for parishioners whose first language is Spanish. However, both Father Frank and Mother Filomena also serve the whole congregation and all our members.

Holy Cross – Fr. Frank Alagna, Priest-in-Charge
Santa Cruz – Mo. Filomena Servellon, Priest-in-Charge

Parish Volunteer Office Staff:
John Boyd, Judy Damron, Tebbie Collins, Chuck Krulis
Treasurer – Lisa Milhaven, Assistant Treasurer – Judy Damron

Wardens – Judy Damron and Chuck Snyder
Vestry Members:
Sheila France
Anselmo Guerra
Isabel Hernandez
Chuck Krulis
Cathy Lunn
Yvelisse Perez
Invited Member: Paula Perez-Francisco
Clerk of the Vestry: Sheila France
Officers: Finance: Tebbie Collins (338-4097)
Treasurer: Lisa Milhaven

Officers – Tebbie Collins (Finance)

  • Service Times

      9:45 am - Church School (school year)
      10:00 am - Sung Holy Eucharist
      11:15 am - Coffee Hour
      12:00 pm - Adult Education Forum

      6:00 pm - Misa Cantada en Español
      6:00 pm - Church School

      Feast of the Holy Cross+SantaCruz
      (Sunday closest to September 14)

      10:00 am - Bilingual Festival Eucharist

      Vestry Meetings
      6:00 pm - Ordinarily the third Wednesday of each month from September through June